Markuzo Systems

Software Consulting and Training firm. We specialize in scalable, distributed systems, big data and transition to microservices.

About us

Markuzo Systems is a small team of enthusiastic engineers with extensive industry experience and a strong passion for building robust, reliable and high-quality software. We have wide-ranging backgrounds and a track record of excellence. Our focus is on transition to microservices, scalability, performance, on massively distributed systems and big data; both in the cloud and in mixed environments.



We deliver a ready to use solution for you (we build it, you own it), help you with architecture decisions, system design and with selecting and properly setting up the best technologies for your solution. Looking for expertise in building complex distributed and scalable systems in the cloud? Look no further. We will design and develop a reliable solution, which addresses your business requirements.


We are industry experts, not career trainers. We have hand-on experience as we constantly architect and develop complex systems ourselves, so our clients can trust that we know the stuff we are talking about. We really prefer "teach by example" approach, when we architect and build part of the system on-site together with you and explain all decisions along the way. We also offer on-site training on distributed systems and microservices with an emphasis on your needs. We usually talk about many technologies during the class: Docker, RabbitMQ, AWS, GCP, MongoDB. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more details.


We are passionate software engineers actively participating in developer meetups, conferences and hackathons and our deep expertise in software architecture allows us to find a candidate you will love to have on your team.

Contact us

Ready to start your next project with us? That's great! Send us an email, call us or visit us at beautiful Downtown of Oakville.

295 Robinson Street, Suite 100
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